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With our Longspan shelving's modular design and fast and easy assembly you can achieve the maximum possible storage capacity, regardless of the space you have available.

The Longspan Shelving system allows for the easy adjustment of storage heights and configurations as your requirements change; providing a system that moves and changes with you.

Longspan is equally suited for warehouse and office environments; easily configurable for a number of different applications. From low-level hand-loaded shelving to high-rise systems.

Incorporating varying frame and beam sizes, customizing the system for your exact needs is really straightforward. Medium- and Longspan bays can be combined in the same rack, and a bolt-free, lock-in system ensures support beams remain in position. Longspan frames and beams are powder-coated anthracite and grey white.

Key Benefits 

  • High storage density with minimum lost space
  • Large or awkward items are easily stored
  • Stock can be changed quickly and simply
  • Broad range of beams for optimal flexibility and fit
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Increased safety with locking pin

Main Features

  • Heights from 6.5 ft to 18 ft
  • Frame depths from 18 to 120 inches
  • Clear entry bay lengths from 40 to 120 inches
  • Maximum shelf loads up to 1984 lbs (UDL)
  • Maximum load per bay up to 9920 lbs